Dave Damage will make you think twice about how you look at the violin. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and now making his home in Miami, Florida, Dave is taking the music scene by storm. Classically trained, this electronic violinist has turned his knowledge of music and his instrument into a truly unique live show, blending styles to allow the violin to break out of its classical shell. Dave Damage combines his influences – rock, jazz, electronica and hip hop – to create his proprietary sound, and has made a name for himself as a live performer, session musician, collaborating artist and producer. A veteran performer, he can be found commanding the stage at nightclubs, lounges, concert venues and private shows. Dave Damage has brought a unique element to wedding parties, corporate events, and nightlife alike for more than thirteen years.

Dave is available for live performances (and touring), session work and recording, and collaborations. He works within most genres, including house, techno, trance, hip hop, Latin music, reggaeton, and much more.

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6/3/22: B Ocean Resort (Fort Lauderdale) 6PM-8PM

Solo Violin


6/4/22: Rosemary Square (WPB) 6pm-10PM

Solo Violin


6/5/22: Yellow Green Farmer’s Market (Hollywood) 1pm-3pm

Solo Violin

6/10/22: B Ocean Resort (Fort Lauderdale) 6pm-8pm

Solo Violin